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MoLeaP - The mobile learning project database

Submit your idea

You are a first time user of MoLeaP and would like to submit a project, an application or a resource? Then have a look at the support section to learn more about how to contribute. read more

MoLeaP - What's it all about?

MoLeaP - The mobile learning project database is a public and free-of-charge online database for teachers, researchers and other (education) professionals interested in learning and teaching with mobile media. The concept behind MoLeaP builds on LMLG's research on mobile learning. read more

Teachers and innovation

Learning with mobile media is ubiquitous, personalised, contextual, immediate, flexible and convergent. The use of mobile devices in schools and in the context of everyday life can contribute to enhancing the learning experience of users and can involve learners who are "at-risk" in school-based learning situations.
Search the MoLeaP database for projects and adopt them for your lessons or submit your own resources. register or log in

Industry meets mobile learning

As someone from the industry, you might be interested in letting people know about your latest invention, tool, application, service etc. with relevance for mobile learning. Submit details to the database and share your product with the mobile learning community. register or log in

Are you a researcher? Make your projects quotable!

You carried out a mobile learning project, but there is no publication available yet and thus no source to quote from, and to refer to your project? Then take a few minutes and submit your project or refer to it as a resource. register or log in

Get involved!

MoLeaP offers different ways to users of participating. You are invited to be a user, a contributor or a partner. read more



As MoLeaP is a new service we are happy to receive comments, feedback and ideas in order to be able to improve the website and the database. For example, if you have any comments about the categories we use, the ease of use or the service etc. then just send us an e-mail:

It's new - it needs your input!

Make your ideas available to the m-learning community! Register, log in and submit your m-learning project, application or resource.


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