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Project: 'And don't forget to bring your mobile' - Informing educational target groups about mobile learning opportunities




General resource data

Country   UK
Year   2008-2010
Project owner and copyright holder   Judith Seipold
Partners   WLE Centre, IoE, London

Project language

  English, Deutsch

Number of supporting staff


Role of supporting staff

  Webdesign; Website and Database programming






  mobile learning; new learning opportunities; sustainability in learning; formal and informal learning; everyday life; 'at-risk learners'; information policy

Data submitted by

  Judith Seipold , London Mobile Learning Group (LMLG)



Context / rationale

This project focuses on the dissemination of concepts and projects for mobile learning conducted inside and outside school, with the aim to provide support for educational professionals and stakeholders through website, online-databases and publications, and thus to support 'at-risk learners' in successful and sustainable learning.

The emerging issue of mobile learning offers opportunities for learners in formal (e.g. school) and informal contexts (everyday life). Even if research is emerging in this field, and projects on mobile learning are just sporadically realised inside and outside school, learning with mobile devices has not arrived yet as an approach and opportunity to combine competencies and knowledge which were gained by learners in informal contexts, such as leisure time, with the affordances of school learning and self-directed and lifelong learning. At this point, this project aims to establish distribution and dissemination mechanisms to provide resources, information and guidelines and for educational professionals, multipliers and stakeholders active in the educational sector, by using mainly online-databases and websites. The enhancement of such a project which covers school and extramural learning is seen as indispensable in terms of participation in learning and education, the integration of 'at-risk learners' and strengthening lifelong learning.

The project is based on an interdisciplinary and international project of the London Mobile Learning Group (LMLG) which brings together different theoretical and analytical approaches (cultural studies, sociology, semiotics, pedagogy and educational technology). Agency, meaning making in everyday life and extramural (learning) contexts are considered to be central to identifying structures which can harness mobile learning for school and to support 'at-risk learners'/underprivileged learners in their school learning as well as lifelong learning. The focus is on a theoretical and conceptual framework for mobile learning around the notion of cultural ecology and learning as agentive and meaningful activity. The analytical engagement with mobile learning of the group takes the shape of a conceptual model in which educational uses of mobile technologies are viewed in ecological terms as part of a cultural and pedagogical context in transformation (further information is available at


Project outcomes