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Project: Mobile VLE




General project data

Country   UK
Year   2009-current
Project owner and copyright holder   The Open University
Contact   Rhodri Thomas
Project workers   Stewart Nixon, Anthony Forth

Project language






Educational establishment


Phase of education


Subject domain


Data submitted by

  Rhodri Thomas , The Open University



Context / rationale

In response to existing students accessing a basic mobile student portal, teaching and learning provision was enhanced to be more mobile-friendly.

In conducting prior staff development and faculty workshops, it became clear that a common platform was required to build upon for mobile use and support, in addition to mobile learning pilot work seeding more widely.


Approaches to teaching and learning

With more of the OU course material being structured online, along with collaborative activities and resources, it became clear that more of the narrative needed to be included rather than simply another (mobile) channel to push resources through.


Technologies and requirements

A device-agnostic web optimisation approach was taken to improve Moodle VLE usability on mobile devices - for students to keep up with their studies.


Lessons learnt / issues emerging

Currently the OU have a small selection of subject-specific or public engagement mobile apps at the scale of learning objects. Strategic support is through mobile-optimised websites, but a 'shell' app is being considered to bridge offline/cached access and quick access to online areas.


Replicability and transferability

The original beta version of the OU Mobile VLE (for Moodle 1.9.x) is not shareable, but the intention for refactored work in Moodle 2.1 is to release this back to the Moodle community longer-term.