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What you need to know to contribute to MoLeaP

The following text guides you through registration, login and submission process.

Step 1: Registration

Contributors have to be registered in order to be able to submit data. Required fields are name; first name; password; affiliation; valid e-mail address. Also, contributors have to accept the terms of use. By accepting the terms of use, contributors confirm that they possess all rights to submit the data (i.e. projects, applications, resources). To complete the online registration, contributors will receive an automatically generated e-mail and have to confirm their registration by clicking on the link included in the e-mail.

Step 2: Login

In order to submit data or to change submissions, contributors have to log in with their e-mail address and password.

Step 3: my moLAB

After logging in, contributors enter the "my moLAB" section. Here, they can see their personal data which they provided at the time of their registration. To change personal data, contributors should contact the MoLeaP team via e-mail. From the personal "my moLAB" area, contributors can start to enter a new submission, they can edit submissions which are not public yet or they can view their reviewed and published submissions. To remove a submission from the database, contributors should contact the MoLeaP administrators.

Step 4: Enter a submission

To enter a submission, contributors need to choose the submission type and will then be able to enter data.
The time which is needed to submit data depends on the nature of your submission. It is important to complete as many fields as possible in order to have submissions processed, reviewed and made public. Submissions do not have to be made in one sitting. Contributors can pause and resume as by accessing "my moLAB".
Data will be forwarded to the reviewers only if users approve this step. Please note: Submissions are accepted only if basic data (name, first name, institution, e-mail address, project name, if available link to the submitted project/application/resource) are provided.

Review process and publication

As MoLeaP is an educational resource all data submitted, be it projects, applications, reviews and links, are vetted and reviewed before they appear on the database in order to avoid misuse and to ensure high standards. This process might take some time. Contributors will be informed via e-mail if changes are needed before the data can be published. Accepted projects, applications and resources are integrated into the database and will be publicly available without confirmation. Also for this reason, anyone making a submission must ensure and confirm that they possess all rights to make the submitted data publicly available, and they must provide valid contact details; otherwise, the submission will be rejected without being reviewed.



Information about copyright is available under Imprint and Terms of use.


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